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About Us

my emotion my thought>>

MEMTH encourages people to share emotions and thoughts in a simple and easy way. It starts by selecting the emotion and category followed by an anecdote or statement targeted at the users on MEMTH in anticipation of getting responses. Depending on the type of anecdote or statement responses can be expected. Emotion and category will help you find people with similar interests. Also at MEMTH users can create their own topic as part of discussion and expect responses.

MEMTH caters to human attribute by giving the impression or illusion that someone, somewhere actually cares about what we think and do enough to ask us and expect an answer or response.

Did you know?
A great emotion or thought has the ability to define our beliefs, and signal our affiliations.

Did you know?
A great emotion or thought can make you feel better.

Get started>> and Let it flow>>

Why select an emotion or Smiley?
At the time of interaction it is always good to express our emotion to other users on Memth with help of Smiley. Once defined it will be easy to start an interaction and you can anticipate to get appropriate responses.

Why select a Category?
Category will help you focus on a single subject at any given point of time, hence making interaction simpler and easier.

Happy memthing all the way through>>